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2018 MEMBERSHIP:  $20.00 includes all members of household and entitles that family to a member & spouse vote at any fleet meeting, receipt of the newsletter and e-mails, and all fleet social events. It also saves paying non-fleet member fees at regattas.   


Hobie:_______ Sail #____________  Hobie: ________ Sail # ___________

Name: ___________________________ Spouse:___________________________

Other Family Members:__________________________________________


City: __________________________ State:_________  Zip:____________

Phone: (home)____________________ (work) _______________________

Email: __________________________________ Fax: _________________


May we publish this information in our newsletter for members use?

Yes / No

We, for ourselves and for our children named herein as part of this family membership application, intending to be legally bound, do hereby RELEASE and WAIVE any and all cause of actions which we may hereafter acquire against the Hobie Fleet 416, its officers, agents or representatives and arising out of use of any facility operated or maintained by the Fleet or participation in any activity organized or sponsored by the Fleet and which may be due to the carelessness or negligence of the Fleet, its officers, agents or representatives.  But we DO NOT release or waive any claim or action which may arise out of WILLFUL or WANTON NEGLIENCE.


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